Themis statueUnpaid payroll taxes – If you own a business and have employees, you are responsible for withholding and paying payroll taxes. If you withhold taxes and don’t pay the IRS or state, you are guilty of theft. The IRS can assess you personally for the withheld tax, and unlike personal tax, it can’t be dismissed in bankruptcy. And failing to pay those taxes is now considered a criminal matter and you can be arrested. You need help, and we can help you.

Unpaid sales tax – Like payroll taxes, failing to pay your sales tax is a criminal offense. You are taking money that you collected for the state. Like payroll taxes, it’s not, and never was, your money to spend. The state can deny you a business or liquor license until your taxes are paid, which puts you out of work. And like the IRS, they can come out in handcuffs to take you away. It’s serious, and we can help you resolve your sales tax issues.