Themis statueIf you watch TV, listen to the radio, read the paper, or surf the net, you’ve heard someone say they can get you “pennies on the dollar” if you owe back taxes. It’s just not that simple. If you qualify for an Offer (and not everyone does) the IRS will thoroughly investigate all of your sources of income and your assets and determine if the offer you make is acceptable. If they decide you can pay more, they will counter your Offer. Once an amount is settled upon, you have options to make your payments, as long as the Offer amount is full paid within 24 months.

When you contact us regarding an Offer, we will

  • thoroughly review your financial situtation  
  • give you an honest assessment of your chances of sucessfully submitting an Offer.

If we feel you have a good chance of getting your Offer accepted, we will provide you with additional information you need so the Offer can be processed.

If we feel you don’t qualify, we will suggest alternative means of resolving your tax liabilities.