Find out The Difference at HTSI

We believe in TALKING to our clients about their business. Anyone can take numbers provided by a client and produce Profit & Loss Statements. We really delve into your business and ask questions that make you aware of how your business operates.

We VISIT our clients’ businesses. This allows us to work with you to develop internal controls and other accounting related issues that will increase your profitability and provide smooth operations.

We TEACH basic bookkeeping and business courses to help you understand your business.

We NETWORK with a team of financial planners, lawyers and lenders to ensure you have all the financial advice you need to plan for retirement, advanced estate planning, or buy or expand your business.

We ASK a lot of questions when we prepare your income tax return. We make sure we take advantage of all of the deductions and exemptions you’re entitled to.

We CHARGE a fair price for an excellent product. We won’t gouge you when we send your bill.

We TREAT you like family. If we can’t be honest with you, we’d rather send you to the “other guys.”


Hale Tax Solutions International, Inc. is a full service accounting firm that provides financial services for your business as well as your personal needs. Like any accounting firm, we deal in numbers. However, we believe our clients deserve more than a “number cruncher.”

Have questions?  We have solutions. 


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